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We do not support Group Centers at this time, only Family Providers.

Extended Nationwide CACFP COVID-19 Waivers

Non-congregate Feeding (Off-site Meals), Parent Pick-up of Meals, & Meal Service Time Flexibility 

In order to provide, or continue to provide, off-site meals after October 1, 2020 to your enrolled children, you must complete and submit the waiver request form using the Google Survey Form at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1y3OMp6RUIRdY7BlyqTrYPlKIER4_dC-C2A9Z73MBvCA/edit  

 Overall, all family day care home providers must complete this form to participate in these waivers starting October 1, 2020, even if previously submitted

 If you choose not to take part of this Nationwide Waiver, you simply need to do nothing.

The following three waivers apply to programs that want to distribute meals off-site.

  •  Non-congregate Feeding: Allows providers to distribute meals off-site to their enrolled children by pick-up and/or delivery. (Must also be approved for the Meal Service Time Flexibility waiver.)
  • In order to allow pick-up of meals at the provider’s child care, they must also be approved for the Parent Pick-up of Meals waiver.
  • If delivering meals to their enrolled children’s homes, the provider must obtain their families’ written consent to receive delivered meals from them.

Parent Pick-up of Meals: Allows enrolled children’s families to pick up their meals at the provider’s home.

(Must also be approved for the Non-congregate Feeding and Meal Service Time Flexibility waivers.)

 Meal Service Time Flexibility(Must also be approved for Non-congregate Feeding waiver.)

  • Allows meal service time flexibility for meals distributed off-site to be served outside of the provider’s regular meal times
  • Enables providers to distribute up to a week’s worth of meals to enrolled children at a time.  

 All other CACFP regulations must be met. Providers may only claim meals distributed to their enrolled children. Required menu and meal count documentation for submitting claims must be maintained.

Questions? Email cacfp@4cfc.org or call the 4C Food Program at 414-562-2652

Food program staff are available for your questions or concerns by email or by phone.

Please continue to submit monthly claims or related food program paperwork by email, fax, USPS mail, online or use our office drop box at the gray metal door located in the front of our office.

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4C Food Program


4C Food Program Staff

Bao Xiong – Direct: 414-267-3430     Cell: 414-828-5686

Email: bxiong@4cfc.org

Tammie Jones – Direct: 414-267-3446 Cell: 414-380-0678

Email: tjones@4cfc.org

Kate Coakley – Direct: 414-267-3432    Cell: 414-659-4218

Email: kcoakley@4cfc.org

Sandra Villalobos – Direct: 414-267-3457    Cell: 414-587-2864

Email: svillalobos@4cfc.org

Doris Acevedo – Direct: 414-267-3433     Cell: 414-588-2698

Email: dacevedo@4cfc.org

Non-Discrimination Statement

Building for the Future Flier:  The provider may either post this flier in a location visible to families upon entering the home or he/she may be provide copies directly to the individual families.