4C Food Program

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We do not support Group Centers at this time, only Family Providers.

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) COVID-19 Information To learn more about the USDA- Covid 19 Waivers and Guidance, make sure you visit https://dpi.wi.gov/nutrition/coronavirus/cacfp for updates.

Food program staff are available for your questions or concerns by email or by phone.

Please continue to submit monthly claims or related food program paperwork by email, fax, USPS mail, online or use our office drop box at the gray metal door located in the front of our office.

Stay Healthy and be Well!


4C Food Program


4C Food Program Staff

Kimeecha Rivera – Direct: 414-267-3430

Email: krivera@4cfc.org

Julie Sosa – Direct: 414-267-3432     Cell: 414-828-5681

Email: jsosa@4cfc.org

Corina Klosner – Direct: 414-267-3444     Cell: 414-380-0678

Email: cclosner@4cfc.org

Bao Xiong – Direct: 414-267-3457     Cell: 414-828-5686

Email: bxiong@4cfc.org

Doris Acevedo – Direct: 414-267-3433     Cell: 414-588-2698

Email: dacevedo@4cfc.org

Non-Discrimination Statement

Building for the Future Flier:  The provider may either post this flier in a location visible to families upon entering the home or he/she may be provide copies directly to the individual families.