YoungStar: Preparing for 1st Consultant Visit

Whether this is your very first visit from a YoungStar consultant, or the first visit for your program’s current rating year, all participants can prepare to make the most of their YoungStar services.

If this is your very first visit, your consultant will help you gain more understanding of what YoungStar is, the services available, and will guide participation throughout the process. Prepare for this meeting to be about 2 hours. Your consultant will want to be sure all of your questions about YoungStar, the consulting process, how to access the micro-grant and professional development services, and how the rating is completed are answered to your satisfaction. As with any service, there will be paperwork and forms to be filled out.

You will be able to select consultation services each year when you submit your YoungStar contract. After the initial year when an introduction to all things YoungStar is given, each first visit will set the tone for the remaining consultation visits.

All programs will define the direction they want the YoungStar consultant to assist with. Program goals should be guided by the YoungStar evaluation criteria. Programs will be asked to complete a program self-assessment to begin the process of determining the program goals. Self-assessment information can be found at: Specific self-assessment tools that can be used for YoungStar purposes can be found on the Providers Resource Page on the YoungStar website: Always speak with your technical consultant if you have questions about which tool may be appropriate for your program.

The information from the self-assessment is then used to create a program quality improvement plan (QIP). This QIP then is used to determine the format and content for the remaining consultant visits. The QIP also is the framework for the micro-grant use. Samples of QIP forms can be found on the Providers Resource page,

The self-assessment can be completed prior to the first visit with your technical consultant. Many programs that have received previous consultant services, also complete the QIP prior to the first TC visit. This allows for more time for the consultant to focus on specific program goals.