Partner Up! Grant Program

Helping businesses secure affordable child care slots for employees

The Partner Up! grant program will provide $10 million in funding to support child care for Wisconsin’s businesses.

Through Partner Up!, businesses can reserve subsidized slots in regulated local child care programs for their employees’ use. The employer will contribute part of the true cost of care for each slot reserved, and Partner Up! will contribute the remaining amount. Participating families will receive accessible, high-quality child care at little-to-no out-of-pocket cost to them.

Detailed information, including costs and eligibility, can be found on DCF’s Partner Up! webpage.

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Partner Up! Informational Webinars

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Questions about Partner Up! or need help when you apply?

Contact: Michelle Balsimo, Partner Up! Business Child Care Advocate  at 414-659-7332 or

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Who should apply?

Wisconsin businesses

Child care providers interested in accepting children through Partner Up! should contact Michelle Balsimo, Partner Up! Business Child Care Advocate  at 414-659-7332 or