Technical Consulting Visits

Providers submit their YoungStar application requesting on-site technical assistance. When received, a technical consultant (TC) will be assigned to work specifically with your program. The consultant will call to schedule your first appointment.

Technical consultation services include a series of on-site visits where the TA will work with assisting the program in meeting self-identified quality improvement goals. The TA can guide and assist in the identification of these goals. Once a quality improvement plan (QIP) is created, the consultant will work with the program to outline the tasks needed to achieve the goals. This will include outlining the series of on-site visits. Each program has a 20 week window, beginning with the receipt of the application, in which to complete the TA visits.

Included with the consultation service is access to a micro-grant and professional development services.

  • Micro-grant: the TC will explain the framework for the micro-grant benefit. In general, this limited fund can be used to help the program achieve the goals identified on the program quality improvement plan. This can include purchasing materials or access to training and/or conferences. Your TC will help in defining the guidelines for the micro-grant use.
  • Professional Development Services: Having identified career goals is a trademark of every professional. Your TC can assist the staff in each program in identifying career goals. The consultant can also provide resources that are appropriate for working towards these goals. Achieving higher education is a professional development goal for many individuals. The TC can provide resources that are available to assist with this. However, formal education is not the only route to consider when looking at creating a career goal. Professional development goals can also include strengthening your skill-set in working with children and their families. This can include things like: increasing competence in working with parents and families, using more engaging conversations with children, and how to create an engaging learning environment.

The final consultation visit will include identifying the process for the program’s YoungStar rating. Many times, this is identified earlier during the program goals discussion. Programs have some decision in the rating type to be completed. The TC will discuss the program’s options during the consultation visits.