Milwaukee providers…what supplies do you need?

Good news!!! The United Way now has supplies available for child care programs in the City of Milwaukee, and 4C For Children is helping to get the supplies to you!
Please click on the link below to complete your child care program’s supply wish list order. We will try to fill all orders, however, supplies may be limited.
Be sure to list an email address that you check on a daily basis – that’s where we will send pick-up information. You may send someone to pick up your supplies.

Orders can only be placed through the link at this time. We are unable to take phone requests.

Click here:



Milwaukee Coalition for Children’s Mental Health

4C For Children is happy to partner with the Milwaukee Coalition for Children’s Mental Health – CCMH – to provide resources for supporting our children and child care programs and teachers. CCMH is identifying one key experience that has negative effects on a child’s social and emotional development and emphasizing ways that can be prevented. That is the experience of being excluded from the early childhood classroom; specifically, the experience of expulsion. Studies have found that children are expelled from early learning programs at three times the rate of children in elementary through high school, combined.   CCMH has put together tip sheets on this topic. The tip sheets provide information on the effects of early childhood expulsion, and steps you can take to support the child and their family. Click here to find them.

Please copy and share the tip sheets with co-workers, parents, and anyone who has influence on the development of a young child. More information can be found on the CCMH website:


Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health

The Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health team has been busy creating a resource document to support providers, families and children through the transition back in to care as areas across the state, and nation, begin to re-open.

Click here for Tips for Supporting Infants and Young Children as We Re-Open







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